Jack of All Trades – Master of None

The title of this blog is how I view my life. The only difference is the “jack of all trades” should really be “jack of all interests.” I am interested in so many things, but there isn’t one thing that defines me. I’ve tried to start reading other blogs to get a feel for how this whole blogging thing should actually work, and I just find myself discouraged. So many people blog about their photography, adoption, cooking, parenting, traveling, and so much more. Most blogs are specialized and most bloggers almost define themselves by their specialty.

Photography – Photographer

Adoption/Parenting – Parent

Recipes – Cook

I love music, but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert or a musician. I love tattoos, but I am by no means an artist or covered in them. I also love animals, but I am not a zookeeper or an elephant. I love children, but I’m not a teacher or a parent. I love writing, but I’m not an author.

So where do I fit in to all this? Where is my passion, and how do I want to define myself? I think this goes back to another blog post of mine; I’m only 23 and I don’t need all the answers now. However, it’s definitely something that I want to start thinking about. I want my own specialty. Something that I know a lot about and I happen to be really good at. Right now, I know a little about a lot – but not enough about something to make me an expert. Hopefully as I keep learning more about myself, I’ll discover my calling and I’ll be more than just a resource of useless and/or random information.

Random fact of the day: Most polar bears are left handed.

If a question about this ever arises on Jeopardy, you’re welcome.





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