Why Does the Flower Bloom?

Daily Prompt – Flourish

Why does the flower bloom?
Well duh! The flower has sunlight and water and a suitable environment where it has room to grow and flourish.
The flower doesn’t know what it needs, in fact it doesn’t even have a brain to tell the difference.

I do have a brain (whether or not it’s used all the time is debatable).
Sometimes (most of the time), I assume that I know what’s best for me.
I make my decisions and live my life based on what I want and what I think I need.
That’s not what I’m supposed to do, though.

I am supposed to surrender my life to God and let him guide my path.
Total submissiveness to the Creator might lead to harder things in my life.
Because God has to cleanse my life of the things that I thought I needed.
I thought I needed x, y, and z to grow and blossom.
God knew better.
God wants me to flourish and he knows the best way for me to do so.
This is so easy to say, but it is so hard to do.

I’m still trying to figure my life out.
God still wants me to function each day, but he wants me to find comfort in Him when I don’t have all the answers.
I still don’t have the answers I’m looking for and that’s okay.
Some days are harder than others for me to accept that.
But the sooner I let go and let God –
I’ll be surrounded by sunlight
I’ll have sufficient amounts of water
I’ll be where I’m supposed to be.
God wants me to flourish even more than I want myself to succeed.


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