The Red Hourglass

Daily Prompt – Pensive

Clara looked in her vanity mirror and touched the pearl necklace that hung delicately around her neck. Her mother’s pearls were her favorite accessory and she would create any excuse to wear them. Although her evening plans weren’t formal, she wanted to feel beautiful. She wanted everyone in the room to notice her wherever she went, but tonight was different. She stood up and faced toward her husband.

“So, what do you think?” She tugged at her dress making the material flow seamlessly down her tall slender body. Every woman she knew loved her little black dress. It truly was the perfect attire for any event. This dress in particular had seen numerous dinner parties, holiday office parties, and even a few funerals.

“Oh, fine. Don’t answer me.” Clara became flustered and went back to getting herself ready. Of course George was dressed already; she made sure of it. She picked out the perfect suit and tie and even went as far to make sure his hair was styled correctly. It wasn’t abnormal for George to think on his answers; sometimes he wouldn’t answer at all. Most people considered him to be a deep, thoughtful man; in fact many described George as rather pensive. It was one of the many traits that annoyed Clara the most.

Clara looked deep into her own eyes in the mirror and puckered her lips as though the mirror was her forbidden lover. Her red lips were a nice contrast to her pale skin, and her chestnut brown hair was styled to reflect a 50’s pin-up model. Her blue eyes glimmered in the light and she smiled a devilish grin.

“George, dear, are you ready?” She stood from her vanity and walked towards her husband who sat motionless on the bed. His body was sprawled in various directions and his eyes were open and unfocused. Clara smiled and kissed his forehead, leaving behind a perfect lip print.

“How unfortunate of me to be a widow yet again.”


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