Daily Prompt – Phase

Jane walked down the cobblestone street in her small town. She loved getting up early to feel the mist in the air and see the dew on the leaves and the grass. Her morning walks were her favorite part of her day. She had time to relax and be by herself with her thoughts. Today, she thought about her childhood. She had fond memories of swimming with her sister at her grandma’s house and playing on the wooden train set on the playground across the street. Her sister, Savannah, would always be the train conductor and Jane was the bandit. She would climb on top of the train and Savannah would squeal with delight as she watched Jane jump from the train as though it was a high speed chase. She spent every moment outside as a child, which was probably why she loved being outside as an adult.
Jane picked up her pace to a jog. She felt the light breeze leave a cooling sensation across her cheeks and could her the constant beat of her shoes hitting the ground. She closed her eyes and inhaled the sweet air that surrounded her. It wouldn’t stay that way for long. It never did.
The air around Jane began to change. It became hotter and her jog became more forceful as she felt her feet dig deeper into the ground below her. She clenched her eyes shut as hard as she could hoping it wouldn’t be today. The phasing hadn’t affected her in a few weeks, and she had hoped she was somehow cured. She stopped jogging and opened her eyes to take in her surroundings. She was completely surrounded by sand and the heat was becoming unbearable. Her spandex shorts and tank top had turned into a a long black dress and she felt a veil of sorts covering her head and face. The veil was made of lace like material, so she was able to clearly see her surroundings, but she wasn’t affected by the sand blowing in her face. She felt her dress and found two pockets on either side of her thighs. She reached in right pocket and found a pen, a mirror, and a piece of torn paper with the words, “Forgotten One” scribbled in an unknown language. Jane couldn’t recognize the language, but whoever she was now, could read it with ease. She looked into the mirror to see her new self. Her natural blonde curly hair was now straight and as dark as the dress that covered her body and her pale skin was replaced with a deep mocha color. The only resemblance of herself was the small freckle below her left eye.
Who has the phasing turned me into now?


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