The Crime Scene

Daily Prompt – Purpose

John paced across the dimly lit room, trying to memorize every detail of the gruesome crime scene –  a picture that he had seen too many times before. His partner, Shawna, stood shaking her head as she looked over the victim’s body. She tended to have a heightened sense of awareness, and would always notice the details that went unnoticed by the rest of the team. She was always the first to study the victim before the autopsy was performed. Her natural serenity and attention to detail played well off John’s rough exterior and aggressive attitude. However, regardless of how many cases they solved and how many criminals they put in jail, each case was draining. Some days, both cops wondered if this job was truly worth their time and energy.

There was unusual amounts of blood for a single corpse. Not only was there a large puddle engulfing the victim, but there were also splatters that, to John, looked to be purposefully painted in a way to ornately decorate the surrounding area. The room wasn’t very large; their small team of five seemed crowded. Yet the killer seemed to perfectly utilize every inch of free space. John turned his attention from the victim to the walls. They were covered in numbers, letters, and words, but they weren’t written in a cohesive manner – although, John questioned how they could be written cohesively when they were obviously written with blood. They were still dripping as John memorized the patterns. This type of crime scene sent shivers down his spine. Obviously the killer had a purpose. Was this some sort of clue, or was this some twisted game intended for the cops to chase their tails? John looked back to the victim. A fifteen year old boy was dead. Why? What kind of monster does this to a human being?


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