The Crime Scene

Daily Prompt – Purpose John paced across the dimly lit room, trying to memorize every detail of the gruesome crime scene –  a picture that he had seen too many times before. His partner, Shawna, stood shaking her head as she looked over the victim’s body. She tended to have a heightened sense of awareness, … More The Crime Scene

The Flyers

Daily Prompt – Circus Delilah closed her eyes and went over the routine through her mind. Swing, legs, catch, flip, fly, catch. She had done the routine hundreds of times and could recite the layouts backwards and forwards, but she could never shake the fear that consumed her before a performance. She heard a voice … More The Flyers


Daily Prompt – Phase Jane walked down the cobblestone street in her small town. She loved getting up early to feel the mist in the air and see the dew on the leaves and the grass. Her morning walks were her favorite part of her day. She had time to relax and be by herself … More Wanderer


Daily Prompt – Dream The Earth is shattering around me. The walls are collapsing and the ground is trembling uncontrollably. I hear my children screaming for help, but I can’t get to them. Somehow, my body feels like cement as I sit terrified in the corner of my bedroom. My husband reaches his hand out … More Dreams

The Red Hourglass

Daily Prompt – Pensive Clara looked in her vanity mirror and touched the pearl necklace that hung delicately around her neck. Her mother’s pearls were her favorite accessory and she would create any excuse to wear them. Although her evening plans weren’t formal, she wanted to feel beautiful. She wanted everyone in the room to … More The Red Hourglass

The Black Cat

Daily Prompt – Buddy Mary had a little lamb But it was the cat that concerned her more The black cat that lived on her street The one in the little shop corner They thought the cat was harmless Named him Buddy for goodness sake “What bad could possibly come from that sweet black cat?” … More The Black Cat