My Southern Heritage

Daily Prompt – South I grew up in the South – the beautiful state of Virginia to be exact. We drank sweet tea with almost every meal. Our summers were hot and muggy. We spent most nights playing barefoot catching lightnin’ bugs. Our winters were frigid and snowy. We became pros at building snowmen. My … More My Southern Heritage

The Black Cat

Daily Prompt – Buddy Mary had a little lamb But it was the cat that concerned her more The black cat that lived on her street The one in the little shop corner They thought the cat was harmless Named him Buddy for goodness sake “What bad could possibly come from that sweet black cat?” … More The Black Cat


One Word Prompt – Vision I opened my eyes and looked at the sky above me. I could still feel the electrical current pulsing through my body. My head was aching and my body felt like it had been hit by a truck. I slowly sat up, trying to avoid any feeling of vertigo. I … More Bolted


Daily Prompt – Survival I closed my eyes and felt the ice cold air cut across my face like razor blades. If I couldn’t see the pain and suffering surrounding me, it didn’t exist. I wish that were true. If it was, I wouldn’t be able to smell the the stagnant disease ridden air or hear … More Quarantined